Sarah Jewell Photography, specialist equine and dog photographer, creator of beautiful artistic portraits.

I’m Sarah, a dog loving, horse mad, pet portrait photographer. My beautiful artistic portraits decorate the walls in homes of horse and dog owners across the Isle of Man. I bring together my instinctive understanding of natural light, love of animals and creative flair to create image collections in my signature style that will be cherished forever in albums and proudly displayed on walls.

Meet Freddie

I might be the youngest but I’m the biggest pup and the cutest, coolest dude of a dog.

I’m super chilled and I go with the flow. You might think I’m quiet but I’m the cheekiest and sneakiest. While Stanley’s busy showing off that he’s stolen your socks I’ll quietly wander off with one of your trainers, then your jumper, then your other trainer. Then I’m back for more and Stanley’s still running around like a mad dog and he’s only got one sock. He thinks he’s sooooo clever. But he’s not as clever as me. Or as cute.

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Meet Stanley

Well maybe I am smaller than Freddie but size doesn’t matter, right? And I’m the oldest so that means I come first. And I’m the boldest, most bad ass dog, so that makes me the best.

And what’s the point of stealing a whole collection of clothes if no-one notices? Honestly, just go for a sock and make sure everyone sees you. Then you can charge around like mad and the humans think you are amazing. They can’t wait join in and play follow the leader, they love it so much that they run around behind me and shout my name. They love me the most, they really do.

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