Sarah Jewell, specialist equine and dog photographer, creator of beautiful artistic portraits.

Thanks for stopping by my own little space on the internet, I’m Sarah, an award winning equine and pet portrait photographer based in the Isle of Man.

I live with my partner Richie and our two gorgeous (but very cheeky) French Bulldogs, Freddie and Stanley. You may have already met them on front of the website or on Instagram. Yes they really do have their own account!

You will often find the four of us outdoors, having fun on the beach, walking and exploring, heading off on adventures. I’m at my happiest when I’m either outdoors or doing something creative, so equine and pet portrait photography is the perfect occupation for me.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2010 and have photographed countless weddings, portraits and commercial sessions travelling to various European destinations to shoot for clients. In 2014 I was the first photographer to achieve a Gold Award with the Guild of Photographers for an equine portrait and the following February I was honoured to be named as the Guild’s Equine Photographer of the Year. By late 2016 I had decided that I would specialise in equine and pet photography.

But my reasons for choosing to be a specialist horse and dog photographer run much deeper than it being something that makes me happy and wins me awards….

Horses have been a massive part of my life since my childhood and in 2012 I sadly lost both my horses, Ayesha in April and then Midnight in May. Anyone who has had an animal in their family will know what a massive hole they leave in your life but I also had the added regret of not having created beautiful portrait of them. I was always waiting for the right time, for them to look a little more perfect, a little less straggly. In hindsight any time would have been the right time. I have a few quick snapshots and they sit on my desk as reminders but they just aren’t the same as having beautiful portraits hanging on the wall.

So now I focus entirely on creating beautiful artistic photographic portraits of your four legged family members so that you won’t have the same regrets that I have. I create highly sought after bespoke signature pieces that you will proudly display on your walls and beautiful image collections that are forever treasured in albums.